100 Kids Meetings

Date: Sunday, July 14th, 2019
Time: 11:00AM

Captain John Wilson Park
3950 Ducharme St, Windsor, ON

Only your normal $10 donation/ child to be donated to our voted upon charity

After our brief meeting we will be the guests of the Windsor Firefighters at their annual family picnic. There is a splash pad on site so bring your swim stuff!

More Information

Charity Introduction Guidelines

The introduction should be no longer than one or two minutes. Keep it simple so children of all ages can understand the information being given. The introduction must be done by a child and not a parent. One of the staff volunteers will help prompt the child if needed. Child's parent may remain close by for moral support.

The introduction should include the following information

  1. The name of the child introducing the charity and his or her age.
  2. The name of the charity.
  3. Why does the charity deserve the members’ votes? Please use simple words so that the presenter can read them and the audience can understand them. Please give simple facts.

Example of introduction:

Hi my name is Katie. I am nine years old.

The charity I am introducing (or nominating) is ABC charity.

They deserve your votes because they help children in our city. They provide food for them and their families to eat when they are hungry and have no money to buy food. They do not turn anyone away. Over 2000 people go them for help every month.

Thank you for listening (or for your consideration).

Questions and Answers:

Parents can help answer questions. We encourage the children to ask and answer questions. One of the goals of 100 Kids is to teach our children the democratic voting process by letting them learn through the exercise of analysis and thought. We believe they will have a greater vested interest in this program when they are allowed to form their own opinions and have the opportunity to ask and share their ideas. The other main goal of 100 Kids is to introduce them to philanthropy and the idea of helping others in our community. Although it is notable for us to support more global programs, it is also important to highlight the need for help closer to home.