How it works


• Each Member commits to donating $100 per meeting, four times a year.
• Meetings are diligently conducted in one hour or less.
• Any member who has signed a commitment form and who is current with her donations may submit an [Organization Submission Fact Sheet link] to nominate an organization for consideration at a meeting.
Any member nominating must specify whether they will speak on behalf of the charity or if they will invite the charity to attend and speak on their own behalf.
• Three randomly selected organizations will make a five minute presentation about the organization to the group and a Q&A session will follow.
• Each member who has signed a commitment form and who is current with her donations may vote (by ballot) for one of the three organizations.
• Each member will write a cheque for $100 to the organization receiving the most votes.
• The selected organization will receive a group donation of $10,000 or more!
• Members who did not vote for the selected organization agree to make their donation regardless.
• Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the organization.
• Members who are unable to attend a meeting are expected to give her cheque to another Member to deliver on her behalf.
• Organizations under consideration must serve the Windsor-Essex area and provide individual tax receipts directly to contributing members.
• An organization not selected at one meeting may be submitted again at a subsequent meeting.
• A winning organization is not eligible for future consideration for two years but the nominating member may submit the name of another organization. A charity that is drawn and has the chance to speak cannot be nominated again for one year.
• Ties will be decided by further votes. If a tie persists, the membership will vote to either (1) randomly select one of the tied organizations by draw; or (2) divide the group donation equally between the tied organizations.
• The selected organization must agree not to give out member information to any third parties except for tax purposes.
• Each meeting will open with a five minute update on how the funds donated at the previous meeting were used by the successful organization.

Meeting Format

• 100 Women Windsor has 4 meetings a year. Our intentions are to ensure the duration of each meeting is no longer than one hour. Below is an outline of the structure of our meetings with timeframes to ensure we remain on schedule.
• Meetings will start right at 5:30 or selected time. We encourage everyone to arrive 15 minutes early for sign-in.
• Every table will have vote cards on the table. Each member is entitled to one vote. Every team is entitled to one vote per team.
• Nominations must be received at least 24 hours prior to meeting.
• Welcome/Introductions and Guest Speaker intro as applicable (5 Minutes).
• Selected Charity from previous meeting Thank You & Cheque presentation (5 Minutes).
• 3 Random Charities are drawn.
• 3 – 5 Minute presentations of chosen organizations (15 Minutes Total).
• Vote and Count - (10-15 Minutes) - Women take a 10 minute refreshment break.
• Announce Winner and write cheques (to be handed in at registration table on way out).
• Door Prize Winner Announcement's.
• Photo opp with previously selected charity.